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Bernicia Limousin

Focusing on French Polled

CF JIM DANDIE : Full French, Homozygous polled. Stout, powerful and moves well.

EPD’s: top 10% milk, top 20% growth, top 30% CE. Jim Dandie has sired numerous offspring in the US and has shown a consistency in stamping all his calves with heavy muscling and exceptional growth, while also improving temperaments and moderating frame.

KILLARNEY SUN-IDOL : Sunny Australia's First French Polled Bull

BERNICIA POLLED GAREK-IDOL : Garek is a lovely home bred bull he is Homo Polled, 2 copies muscle gene, Full French. We have kept his daughters they are showing great potential, soft, muscle and Super Quiet. Looking to the 2015 show season with these heifers. Garek was sold to WOODGLEN limousins for Stud use

TANGO : French Horned He was bred in the famous Champeval herd in France . He is an exceptional heavily muscled bull, derived from Champevals best female line and the muscle and growth leader Nectar. His mature weight is 1400kg and he carries this weight and obvious heavy muscling exceptionally well through perfect leg and feet structure. Tango presents rare opportunity to combine muscle, growth and maternal in a breed leading package.


VIKING : Born in the famous French herd of Daniel Peyrot, he is owned by a syndicate of breeders in France and is the Polled Excellence Groups follow on sire to Ryde Uranos. We believe he is one of the first homozygous poll bulls born in France and is definately the first to have semen released internationally.

Viking progeny are mixed type and are noted for their easy calving with calves in France weighing between 34kg and 38kg. They are described as being deep, with very strong legs, a very good topline and excellent breed characteristics

GHR POLLED AFTERSHOCK : Thanks to Maryvale Limousins we have secured limited release semen for Aftershock. He is our new Imported French Polled sire that we will be using in the next few years

1-WAY POLLED KANA - first homozygous polled fullblood in North America from STZZ Polled Yukon

BERNICIA POLLED ELEAZER : Son of 1-Way Polled Kana. He was selected in the Limousin Nucleas program.

MANDAYEN VISION Y329 : Breed average birth and trait leader for CE and GL top 15%. Growth traits and indexes top 1-5% of breed. Superb docility. Produces larger framed, thick, eye appealing progeny. Sired 2 of the 3 steers of the winning Borthwick Steer Trophy Melb 2008. Vision has it all, EBVs, the phenotype, outcross pedigree and the proof with star progeny.

RAMORNIE SENTINEL : Length,Depth and Muscle packed inside a structurally correct and incredibly sound body. Disposition perfect.Sentinel ranks in the top 5% for Calving Ease Direct, Calving Ease Daughters and Birth Weight.Top 10% for Milk and Docility and top 15% for Scrotal and Steer Self Replacing index

RUNL STETSON 850S : Stetson ranks in the top 5% for 8 traits including Birth Weight and CED top 20% and top 1% for weaning, yearling weights, marbling, $MT1 index, top 4% scrotal. Stetson is ranked no. 1 on the NALF current list of top 10 sires in USA. Son of the famed Lodestar. Stetson progeny dominated in Denver pen shows. Combines EPDs and phenotype. Now stands at Wulfs Limousin in USA. Birth weight 40kg, Weaning wt. 371kg, Yearling wt. 621kg.

WARRIGAL GLAMOUR BOY : Black, polled, soft, docile with genetics in his back ground that show he is a proven performer