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Bernicia Limousin

Focusing on French Polled

Early in the picture we realised we wanted to breed animals that had French carcass characteristics but without the horns. Extensive research led us to Australia's first registered Polled French Bull - Killarney Sun-Idol. After purchasing him, selective females were sourced including Timor Miss Poll Kana 3 and Willow Park Polled Zedelle. Other foundation females are Kaludabah Abigail and River Glen Bonnie.

To grow the French Polled Gene pool with in Australia, Genetics are carefully chosen from different breeders within Australia, Europe and North America. Artifical Insemination and embryo programs are used extensively to achieve top quality Limousins which are sold to Commercial buyers and Studs Australia wide.

After selling Australia's first two Homozygous Polled French bulls, we have now started to breed and sell Homozygous Polled French females.

Why us?

Bernica Limousins is a member of Breedplan and the Limousin Assurance Program. This means they all carry Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) and that we give warranty with all stud animals sold.

All cattle sold have 2 copies of the F94L muscling gene, high docility and sound structure and fertility.

We have had a successful show career since we started showing 5 years ago, with great results in local shows, Hoof & Hook comps and at the Sydney Royal Eastershow